Progenics cord blood

Nothing is more crucial compared to protecting the health of your family members. A healthy future begins with saving or “banking” your newborn’s cord blood stem cells. It’s a one-time chance that can easily alter or also save a life.

Just what are stem cells?

Stem cells are the foundation of the being, and have the ability to develop our body organs, blood, cells, and the invulnerable system. Stem cells can be found in locations like bone marrow and fat tissue, however the youngest, most flexible stem cells in the being come from the umbilical cord. After your child is birthed, the cells that remain in the cord blood are effortless to gather and could be lifesaving someday.

Just what is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is the blood in your newborn’s umbilical cord. It has highly effective stem cells that have actually been utilized to regenerate healthy and balanced blood and invulnerable systems in greater than 25,000 transplants around the world.

Progenics cord blood & the power to heal

One-of-a-kind: Your baby’s stem cells are unique. Plus, they’re spotless, much more versatile and less complicated to accumulate.

Powerful: They’re made use of to handle numerous lethal ailments, consisting of bloodlessness, leukemia and particular various other cancers. They’ve additionally received lab studies the capacity to recover significant problems like autism.

Smart: They “know” the best ways to locate wounded cells and tissue in the body and start a recovery procedure.

Stem cell utilizes remain to expand and progress, delivering new chance to families. Cord blood stem cells have been used to handle greater than 80 conditions and are presently being evaluated for their capacity to aid the body heal from certain conditions that have no treatment.

Today’s Cord Blood Uses:

  • Cancers.
  • Blood Disorders.
  • Immune Disorders.
  • Metabolic Disorders.

Present Clinical Trials Using Cord Blood:

Simple, Safe, Painless.

You just have one possibility to accumulate and keep your baby’s newborn stem cells right away after birth. After the umbilical cord has actually been clamped and reduced, the continuing to be blood in the umbilical cord is attracted into a collection sack.

It’s important to choose concerning conserving or giving away well prior to your due date. Your baby’s cord blood will be thrown out as health care waste if you select to do nothing. Cord blood stem cells are not beginning stem cells. Collecting, storing, and using them is not controversial.